Google's AI Powered Privacy, This is The Platform

Photo Source: Google Blog - To help companies create digital products that prioritize privacy, in 2022 Google launched Checks.

Checks is an AI-powered platform that helps companies with Google Play and iOS mobile apps quickly find, communicate, and fix privacy compliance issues.

Checks are powered by Google's latest Large Language Models (LLM) and application understanding technologies and provide automated analysis.

Plus, Checks performs thorough monitoring and relevant recommendations to help companies turn insights into action — all accessible through one intuitive dashboard.

Checks is a fully integrated Google product and ensuring that user privacy is protected is critical to building trust with consumers.

This AI-powered platform helps companies with Google Play and iOS mobile apps find, communicate and fix privacy compliance issues quickly.

As part of Google's internal incubator, Checks has 3 main product areas, namely Compliance Monitoring, Data Monitoring and Store Disclosure Support.

Compliance Monitoring helps companies identify potential compliance issues with regulatory and mobile app stores using automated testing.

The tests scan apps and their privacy disclosures and provide actionable recommendations to help address any issues identified.

Data Monitoring provides end-to-end visibility of an application's data collection and sharing behavior, enabling teams to more efficiently manage their data governance practices.

Store Disclosure support helps companies ensure that their Google Play Data security section is accurate and up-to-date.

Checks not only provide insight into the public version of a mobile app, but can also be integrated into a developer's workflow to provide information before the app is launched.

Google believes that each of these product areas helps companies maintain customer trust while enabling them to more efficiently and effectively comply with privacy requirements.

If you're a company looking to simplify privacy compliance, visit the website to get started! (*)

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