Strengthen Online Accounts, Here Are Three Tips from Google


IPHEDIA.com - In all online accounts, login is the main gateway to personal information. Therefore, you are strongly advised to protect your personal information.

One thing you can do is make sure your main gate is well protected. Here are three tips from Google to help you stay safer online.

Create and save secure passwords

Keep your account secure with a unique password, no need to remember it.

Integrated into Chrome and Android, Google Password Manager creates, securely stores, and fills in passwords for all your online accounts.

Google Password Manager will also notify you if any of your saved passwords are found in a data breach.

Help create a safer internet for everyone with 2-Step Verification

Actions we can take to help prevent many cyber attacks from happening is to strengthen the security of our own accounts.

2-Step Verification adds a second step to verify that this is indeed you.

So even if hackers steal your password, they can't get into your account.

Manage online security at all times

In addition to login security, Google incorporates security features into all of its products and gives you the option to control your personal security.

Here are three tips from Google to help you stay safer online. I hope this information is helpful. (*)

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