How Gmail Ads Work, Privacy, Transparency and Choice - Often when you open Gmail you see ads that show you the most useful and relevant ads.

To note, Google via Gmail in its notification mentions, the process of selecting and displaying personalized ads in Gmail is completely automatic.

These ads are shown to you based on your online activity while logged into Google.

Google will not scan or read your Gmail messages to show you ads.

Privacy, Transparency and Choice

For your privacy, Google does not sell your personal information, including your Gmail and Google Account information.

In addition, Google also does not share your personal information with advertisers, unless you request it.

In this case, Google is very careful in serving this type of content on advertising services.

For example, Google will not target ads based on sensitive information, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, health, or sensitive financial categories.

Ads displayed in Gmail are subject to Gmail's advertising policies, which Google describes in its support.

To opt-out of the use of personal information for personalized Gmail ads, go to the Ads Settings page and turn off Ads Personalization.

If you opt-out, you may still see Gmail ads. But the ads are not based on any personal data that Google associates with your Google Account.

For more details on this, you can learn more about how Google processes your data at and the Google Privacy Policy at (*)

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