Track and Manage Business Leads with Google Sheets

Thanks to Google's infrastructure, Sheets can give you the freedom to be creative, while keeping your information safe. - One of the most powerful Google products you can use to track and manage your business opportunity is Google Sheets. With Sheets, there are many benefits that you can get for the development and progress of your business. 

Spreadsheets are designed to meet the needs of their users. With AI features, you can get the right analytics to make significant business decisions. Cloud-based architecture lets you collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

Compatibility with various external systems, including Microsoft Office, minimizes common problems when working with various data sources. Thanks to Google's infrastructure, Sheets can give you the freedom to be creative, while keeping your information safe.

With Sheets, you can easily add collaborators to projects, see changes in real-time, receive notifications for edits made when you're offline, and chat with colleagues on the same document. 

All changes you make in Sheets are automatically saved. Plus, you can create, view and edit files anywhere and anytime with offline access.

Sheets offers a new way to collaborate so you don't have to worry about the right file version and can focus on bringing your best ideas to life. 

High compatibility with Microsoft files, including various keyboard shortcuts that you usually use, will reduce distractions when working on a variety of platforms.

With Sheets, your content is always protected using one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures. Manage permissions through individual, group, or domain level access. 

Not only that, with Sheets you can turn off the option to download, copy, or print for certain collaborators, use Data Loss Prevention controls to keep sensitive data safe and many more advantages of this Google Sheets.

Google Sheets supports more than 400 spreadsheet functions that you can use to create formulas to process data, calculate numbers, and generate strings. You can even create your own custom functions using Apps Script.

To use Google Sheets you can start with a free trial. If you need help, they provide 24/7 email, chat and phone support directly from the staff. Good luck! (*)

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