Biggest Stone in The World Apparently There in Indonesia. This is Location, Appearance and Story

Dark Hill (Indonesian: Bukit Kelam) (Photo: Arah / Special)

IPHEDIA.com - Although it is called 'hill', this hill is actually a rock which is predicted as the largest monolithic stone in the world. Dark Hill (Indonesian: Bukit Kelam) is the name.

For local residents, this hill has become one of the most beautiful panoramas, because the surrounding hills are vast stretches of rice fields and tropical forests like rugs being spread out.

The stone rises as high as 1002 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​about 520 hectares located in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, defeating Uluru or Ayyers Rock in Australia, which has been touted as the largest monolith in the world.

It is said that according to folklore or local folklore, the giant rock of Dark Hill is a meteor that fell on the land of Sintang. But, there is also a legend that is no less legendary, that this giant stone fell when a powerful young Dayak man wanted to lift it to close the Kapuas River.

Because of their arrogant and greedy nature, the powerful young man named Bujang Beji haughtily intends to close the river with the power of his knowledge, so that the fish in the Kapuas and Melawi rivers can only be taken by him.

Then, there was a princess who was also able to find reason so that Bujang Beji's bad wishes could be thwarted, the princess then collected the thorns and sprinkled them on the path that Bujang Beji was going through.

Sure enough, a thorn stabbed Sebeji's feet as he carried the stone. Bujang Beji fell down, he was angry to the point of lifting the stone he had dropped in the current place called Dark Hill. According to the legend. (*)

Source: Arah
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