Learn and Master These Important Things Before Writing

Before writing, you must master three important things; listening, reading and speaking. For this purpose, you need and must have various abilities in writing.

IPHEDIA.com - In writing, you first go through or through a process, such as determining the theme of writing, the steps that must be done, as well as the form of writing that must be made. The form of writing can be in the form of prose, poetry or writing based on daily needs.

In essence, writing is also a part or application of other language skills. It's just that the writing is different. Although the delivery is different, but the shape is the same. The most prominent difference, among others, lies only in the title, content and writing style.

Before writing, you must master three important things; listening, reading and speaking. For this purpose, you need and must have the ability to find ideas, express ideas, master the rules of language, use the right style and master the rules of spelling and punctuation.

When you want to write, you must first be able to determine the topic, break it down into words arranged into sentences and paragraphs, and use correct grammatical rules. The style of writing you use in sentences is appropriate and uses the accuracy of punctuation and spelling.

The way to build continuity of ideas in writing, is to create effective sentences and develop dynamic paragraphs. Paragraph in an article, a collection of two or several interconnected sentences in a single discussion. The sentences in the paragraph do not stand alone, but explain each other. So that no matter how many sentences in a paragraph, they must support one another, pointing to a particular discussion that reflects the main idea of ??writing.

After you have successfully written the effective sentences, the next task is to arrange in paragraphs, that is to arrange the paragraph dynamically, to deliver the reader from one sentence to the next in a coherent, orderly and coherent way to create meaning that reinforces the main idea.

Often we are trapped in parts of a detailed description that widen, so we lose focus. If this is the case, it is not impossible for the reader, or even yourself, to be confused, as to what the focus of this paragraph is actually focused on. To overcome this, there are several techniques that can be used to build dynamic paragraphs, including by discussing key ideas, logical sequences, event chronologies and comparisons.

Developing paragraphs through discussion of main ideas, can be done through sequence patterns; Idea-Description-Analogy-Conclusion. At the beginning of a paragraph, it starts by writing down the main idea or sitting the case in an effective complete sentence. Then followed by a description or explanation of the idea. The description of ideas can be done by answering the questions "What", "When", "Where", "How" and "Why" for the main idea.

In addition to this method, a time sequence, logical sequence, or comparison method can be used to describe the main idea. Sentences that describe the main idea should be followed analogously, in the form of a description of the situation, illustrations or supporting data. As the end of the paragraph, you can deliver a sentence that contains a reaffirmation in the form of conclusions or solutions.

Just to test your ability in writing skills, there is the making of an objective test, which aims to test the writing ability and its elements. Meant by its elements, namely grammar, style of language, composing the contents of essays, spelling and punctuation. Sometimes, a writer at the beginning of writing still does not meet between these elements.

You can do this test yourself or help others by seeing and correcting the extent of the results of the writing produced. From here, you can find out which parts are weak and which parts need repair. Knowledge, insight and accuracy when writing greatly determine the results. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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