Don't Be Afraid To Start Writing If You Want To Be a Writer

If it's already animating, writing will be fun. Moreover, the work has aesthetic value and wants recognition from others. If you have recognized it means you have done. Life will be more meaningful.

IPHEDIA.com - If you want to be a writer, don't ever be allergic to writing. That must first be instilled in you. Because writing is not something to be avoided. Nor are activities that are very tedious or even frightening.

Writing is not a difficult activity and you cannot do it. Writing is real. Something real. It just depends on how you want to do it and live it seriously, or just just try it but not occupied.

Therefore, do not live your writing activities half-half. Any activities that are only carried out in earnest will be constrained and in fact more will not succeed. In fact, it's just a waste of time. There is no benefit at all. Therefore, writing must be done wholeheartedly. Seriousness so your capital in the work. The rest is just deepening.

It is undeniable if it is animating, writing will be fun. Moreover, the work has aesthetic value and wants recognition from others. If you have recognized it means you have done. Life will be more meaningful. Think ahead. In time, you will not only have inner satisfaction, but also in your hand will be written writings that people read.

Now, anyone and any job can be a writer. That is, to become a writer does not have to have a background of at least journalists, academics, practitioners and those whose activities are more concerned with writing. Even a trader, if he is pursuing this field, could be a writer. The writer is a profession. Means you must also be professional.

At present, there are many circles such as artists to officials who also work as writers. There are artists - writers, models - writers, teachers - writers, private employees - writers, regents - writers and so on. Even those who are still students and students are already able to write books. Because, the writer is not a binding profession and the opportunity to work in the writing world is wide open for anyone and any background, including you.

Writing is a form of ability, sensitivity and creativity of someone working in written form. There are many techniques that can be done in writing. You just do it like what. But from the umpteenth many versions of writing techniques, globally these techniques can be grouped into two, namely writing essays in the form of stories or essays and writing for daily needs.

Writing essays, your ability to arrange sentences by doing a number of things, such as answering various questions, substituting, transforming, completing, refining, expanding and making sentences and introducing essays; which includes read and write, see and write. Sentences are arranged, broken down into written form.

Write also your ability to mimic the writing model, arrange paragraphs, retell and compose essay / compose. While writing for daily needs, among others, writing letters, filling out forms, writing invitations, compiling a curriculum vitae, announcements, making advertisements and others.

Thus, it means writing is the ability of someone in writing. His ability in fact requires stages according to the way he thought, comparing with other people's writings and work for himself personally as well as people and parties related to the results of his writings. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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