Easy Way to Permanently Delete Photos on a Blog


IPHEDIA - Every photo / image that you upload to Blogger even though it has been deleted in the actual post is still stored in your Google account. This of course reduces the space of your Google account. Therefore, occasionally you must "clean up" the photo / image file.

To permanently delete photos / images that you have uploaded on Blogger because they are not used, making heavy loading websites / blogs and others is very easy and easy. You must first log into your Google Pisaca account. Open the pisaca link: http://picasaweb.google.com.

Then, log in with your Google account. The account referred to here is the Username and Password used to login to Blogger. After being asked to create an account name, after that click Continue.

Next, you click on the album where the pictures are saved. It is recommended, to delete them select one by one. After selecting the image and making sure it will be erased, click the Actions menu above the image, then select Delete This Photo. Photos / images on your website / blog that are not used, making heavy loading websites / blogs and so on are also automatically deleted permanently. Have a good cleaning! (as)
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