Here is Sitemap Link and How to Add it on Google Search Consule


IPHEDIA - To improve the performance of your website / blog on Google Search, one of them with Google Search Consule. After you register for Google Search Consule, your website / blog will be easily indexed by the search system on Google. So that your posts / articles / videos can be more easily found on the internet and not be an article / article that is only updated but difficult to find Search Engines.

To make it easier for Googlebot to index every post / article on the page on your website / blog, what you must do is add and submit a Sitemap on Google Search Consule. The trick, open your website / blog, then click on Site Map. On this page you "Add a New Sitemap" and will appear in the "Submitted Sitemap".

Although it seems trivial it turns out there are still many who do not know what site map to add. So that posting / writing / photo / video on your website / blog is easily indexed by the search system on Google by including it in the Sitemap is actually easy. You just enter the Sitemap Link below one by one. Remember, do not copy and paste all one by one and then put into a Sitemap.

Copy and paste the Sitemap Links below one by one, enter "Add New Sitemap"

feeds / posts / default? alt = rss
feeds / posts / default? orderby = updated

Besides the five codes above, there are actually a lot of sitemap link choices. But, the five codes above are considered the most important and must be added to the Sitemap on Google Search Consule. Once added, then wait until Google crawls all the content on your website / blog. The length of time Google can index for hours to even days. Good luck! (as / rs)
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