Want to Know Who Are Google Partners? This Is The Explanation


IPHEDIA.com - Today, every day many people of various ages, various backgrounds and different social statuses use Google to find various information they need.

This very well-known online search engine site, headquartered in Mountain View, California, America, has now also provided various internet services and products.

These products include search technology, web computing, software to online advertising.

Google Partners

Then, who are Google's partners? Google works with businesses and organizations, which it refers to as partners or partners, in a variety of ways.

In its Privacy & Terms, Google says, ''Google works with businesses and organizations in a variety of ways. We refer to these businesses and organizations as partners.”

For example, more than 2 million non-Google apps and sites partner with Google to show ads. Millions of developer partners publish their apps on Google Play.

Secure Service and Protect Account

Other partners help Google to secure its services. information about security threats can help Google notify you if Google thinks your account has been compromised.

Regardless, Google can help you take steps to protect your account.

Please note, Google also works with trusted business people as data processors and not as partners.

This means that these businesses process information on Google's behalf to support services based on Google's instructions.

Then, the business person must also comply with Google's Privacy Policy and other appropriate security and confidentiality measures.

Data Processor

The Google Privacy Policy has more information about how Google uses data processors.

Google does not share information that can personally identify you with its advertising partners, such as your name or email, unless you ask Google to share that information.

You can learn more about the information that Google collects, including from partners, in the Privacy Policy.

Google Privacy Policy

By using Google services, you entrust your information to Google.

Google understands that protecting your information and giving you control is a big responsibility and requires hard work.

This Privacy Policy aims to help you understand the information Google collects, why Google collects it, and how to update, manage, export, and delete your information. (*)

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