Differences Between Google AdSense, Google Ads, Ad Manager and AdMob


IPHEDIA.com - Google AdSense, Google Ads, Ad Manager and AdMob are four of Google's advanced products related to advertising.

The most basic difference between these four Google products, each is used by publishers and advertisers with different features.

For more details, here are the differences between Google AdSense, Google Ads, Ad Manager and AdMob.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is intended for publishers. This Google product is suitable for those of you who own or manage a site, blog or forum and want to monetize it.

Google AdSense functions as an ad network, giving you access to requests from advertisers and helping you set up ad inventory.

After you register and are accepted as a publisher on Google AdSense, your ads will appear on your digital properties.

With ads on your digital properties, of course you can earn revenue based on the number of people who view or interact with these ads.

Google Ads

Unlike Google AdSense which is intended for publishers, the Google Ads program is intended for advertisers.

So, Google Ads is a Google product with the aim of growing your business or sales through Google Ads.

Your ad will appear on the site or app and in Google search results and its network of publisher sites.

Google Ads allows you to advertise on the Google search network, including search engine sites such as AOL and Ask.com.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is an ad management platform for large publishers who have a significant number of direct sales.

Ad Manager provides granular control and supports multiple exchanges and ad networks, including AdSense, Ad Exchange, third-party networks, and third-party exchanges.

Ad Manager is great for monetizing any type of your inventory (site, mobile app, video, or game) and managing a significant amount of ad revenue from direct offers from buyers.

Then, Ad Manager uses third-party networks to compete for ad inventory and more complex reports for detailed analysis.

Google AdMob

AdMob is a mobile ad network and monetization platform for mobile developers who want to make money from advertising.

In addition, through AdMob you will also get analysis results that can be acted upon and develop your application business.

As a network, AdMob lets you monetize your mobile app by helping you serve ads globally.

As a monetization platform, for developers working with multiple ad networks, AdMob helps you maximize ad revenue across all third-party network partners.

AdMob is suitable for access to high-performance mobile app ad formats with strong controls for brand safety.

AdMob helps you maximize ad revenue across the Google and third-party networks with waterfall and bidding mediation.

AdMob can provide a comprehensive overview of ad performance and user engagement with Google Analytics for Firebase.

Its automated tools will simplify your day-to-day activities with features, such as Ad Network Optimization.

Then, AdMob is also a solution to balance in-app purchases and ad-based revenue streams based on user behavior with smart segmentation.

Thus the comparison or difference between Google AdSense, Google Ads, Google Ad Manager and Google AdMob.

For more details about these four advanced Google products, you can visit Google Support or each product. May be useful. (*)

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