Simple But Powerful and Accurate SEO Techniques Increase Ranking and Website/Blog Traffic - Every day there is a lot of information, both through writing, photos and videos that are posted through websites/websites/blogs and social media (Sosmed).

Currently, a variety of information, whether it's news, articles, photos, videos and others move at a very fast speed.

So quickly that information, your content may be outdated even after just a matter of days, let alone a few months since it was published.

So that your content is not eroded with new content, the most important secret to understand is the success of your SEO.

Here summarizes some simple but powerful and accurate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to increase the ranking and traffic of your website/blog.

Create Quality Content, Complete and Interesting

The first SEO technique you must do is create quality, complete and interesting content.

Google is more aware of the needs of its users and prioritizes complete content to occupy the top positions in search results.

Keyword and Keyword Research

Keyword research will help you find keywords that are relevant to your readers. Because, searches on Google mostly come from keywords.

If your content is not loaded with keywords, it will be less likely to rank at the top of the search results for the keywords you are researching.

The Search Engine Result Page shows the pages that are ranked from the top to the next sequence according to keywords.

It is important to know, one keyword can have more than one interpretation and Google prioritizes the interpretation according to the wishes of the searcher.

Website Speed ​​Improved

The most annoying thing for most visitors is the very slow loading of websites/blogs.

The long loading time allows visitors to leave your website/website/blog and switch to another that is faster to access.

Therefore the speed of a website/blog is an SEO technique that must also be done so as not to be abandoned by visitors.

No matter how good the content you create and the keywords enter in Google searches, but because your website/website/blog takes a long time to load, visitors may leave it.

Update Content Periodically

When your content is updated with new information, you will have more opportunities for Google to prioritize your content to rank above competitors with outdated content.

Therefore, updating your content with new or more relevant information on a regular basis is an important part of SEO techniques.

Create Internal Links Between Content and Pages

Maximizing internal links (links from one content/page to other content/pages in the same website/blog) is equally important in SEO techniques.

No matter how good your content is, it won't bring any value unless someone consumes it and preferably, links to it.

Through internal links, search engines can understand the context and relationships between content or pages on your website/blog.

For other SEO techniques besides some of the things above, you can add images/photos to the content of your website/blog. For example, one content is more than one image/photo.

Then, you optimize meta tags, create a sitemap for your website/website/blog, share it on social media and can also write content on other people's websites/blogs.

To quickly get indexed by Google, you also add your website/website/blog in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. (*)

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