Here Are Names Discoverers and Their Findings

These inventors have contributed a lot in our daily lives. Thanks to his findings, many have felt the benefits, both directly and indirectly. Although among the findings of these inventors were not useful for us, there are many that are useful for others.

Thomas Alva Edison, inventor electric lamp (Photo: Src / Ist) - Currently, we should be grateful because thanks to these inventors, many benefits have been felt, both directly and indirectly for daily life. Although some of their findings are not useful for us, many of them are useful and useful for others.

Who are they who have rendered services to this world for their findings? Quoting (Group Member of Iphedia Network), here are the names inventors, country of origin and findings.

  • Cai Lun (China), Finding: Paper
  • Friedrich Karl von Drais (Germany), Finding: Bicycles
  • Alexander Graham Bell (United States), Findings: Telephone (Old Version), LPs
  • C. Marconi (Italy), Findings: Radio, 1895
  • Manfred von Ardenne (Germany), Finding: Television
  • James Watt (UK), Invention: Steam Engine (1765)
  • JL Baird & CF Jenkins (UK), Findings: Television (1920)
  • Johannes Gutenberg (Germany), Findings: The printing press
  • Johann Philipp Reis (Germany), Findings: Telephone
  • Rene Laennec (France), Findings: Stethoscope
  • Alessandro Volta (Italy), Findings: Rock Batteries
  • Zacharias Janssen, Findings: Microscopes, 1590
  • Thomas Alva Edison (United States), Finding: Electric Light
  • Albert Einstein (Germany), Findings: Theory of Relativity
  • Alfred Nobel (Sweden), Discovery: Dynamite
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhook (Netherlands), Findings: Lenses
  • Antonio Meucci (Italy), Findings: Telephone (New Version 2002)
  • Artur Fischer (Germany), Findings: Dowel Fischer
  • Benjamin Franklin (United States), Finding: Eyeglass Lenses.
  • Benjamin Holt (United States), Findings: Tractors
  • Blaise Pascal (France), Findings: Computing Machines
  • Charles Goodyear (United States), Findings: Rubber Tire Vulcanization
  • Christian Buschmann (Germany), Findings: Harmonics and Accordions
  • Christopher Sholes (United States), Discovery: A QWERTY Typewriter, 1868
  • Cornelius van Drebbel (Netherlands), Finding: Submarine
  • Dmitri Mendeleev (Russia), Findings: The Periodic Table
  • Diophantus (Greece), Findings: Algebra (author of Arithmetic)
  • Edward Jenner (UK), Findings: Developing Smallpox Vaccine Research
  • Elis G. Otis (United States), Findings: Elevator / Lift Brakes
  • Emil Berliner (Germany / America), Findings: LPs Recording Tool
  • Fritz Pfleumer (Germany), Findings: Audio Tape / Tape Record
  • George Eastman (United States), Discovery: Roll Film and founder of `` Kodak, '' 1888
  • Ernest Swinton (UK), Findings: Tanks
  • Ernst August Friedrich Ruska (Germany), Finding: Electron Microscope
  • Evangelista Torricelli (Italy), Findings: Mercury Barometer
  • Felix Hoffmann (Germany), Finding: Aspirin
  • Frank Whittle (UK), Discovery: Turbo Jet Engine
  • Galileo Galilei (Italy) Finding: Thermometer, 1593
  • Gottlieb Daimler (Germany), Findings: Cars and Internal Combustion Engines
  • Hans Lippershey (Germany), Findings: Telescopes
  • Hans von Ohain (Germany), Invention: Jet Engines
  • Henrich Focke (Germany), Developer of Turbo Shaft Propulsion Systems for Helicopters
  • Heinrich Gobel (Germany), Finding: Orbs of Light
  • Heinrich Hertz (Germany), Findings: Theory of Electromagnetic Waves of Light and Electromagnetics
  • Hans Lippershey (Netherlands), Findings: Telescope, 1608
  • Hugo Junkers (Germany), Findings: Aircraft made of metal and the application of diesel motors for flight
  • Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (Ukraine), Findings: Modern Helicopters
  • Irving Langmuir (America), Findings: Incandescent Wire and High Vacuum Tubes
  • Isaac Newton (UK), Finding: The Law of Gravity
  • Jacques Charles (France), Findings: Hydrogen Balloons
  • Josep and J. Montgolfier (France), Findings: Hot air balloons
  • Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister (UK), Findings: Antiseptics for surgery
  • Julius Lothar Meyer (Germany), Findings: Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements
  • Karlheinz Brandenburg, Finding: MP3 technology.
  • Levi Strauss (Germany), Finding: Jeans material
  • Louis Daguerre (France), Findings: Process Photography of the Daguerreotype
  • Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre (France), Findings: Daguerreotype Photographic Processes
  • Edwin Land (United States), Finding: Polaroid Camera
  • Louis Pasteur (France), Findings: Vaccinations
  • Melitta Bentz (Germany), Findings: The First Coffee Filter
  • Michael Faraday (England), Finding: Dinamo (1831)
  • Murdocks (UK), Findings: Trains
  • Nikolaus Otto (Germany), Findings: Internal Combustion Engines
  • Nicolaus Copernicus (Poland), Findings: Theory of Heliocentrism
  • Nikola Tesla (Serbia), Findings: Electric Motors
  • Konrad Zuse (Germany), Findings: Computers
  • Otto Hahn (Germany), Findings: Nuclear Fission
  • Otto Lilienthal (Germany), Discovery: Invent Gliding Flight
  • Peter Henlein, Discovery: Pocket Watch
  • Rudolf Diesel (United States) Discovery: Combustion Engine (Diesel Engine), 1897
  • Rudolf Hell (Germany), initiator of the initial mechanism for sending and scanning documents on a fax machine
  • Robert Boyle, John Walker, Discovery: Matches
  • Robert Fulton (United States), Findings: Fire Ships, 1807
  • Samuel Hahnemann (Germany), Findings: Homeopathy
  • Samuel FB Morse (United States), Finding: Telegraph, 1837
  • Thomas Alva Edison (United States), Findings: Light Bulbs, Film Projector, 1893
  • Wernher Von Braun (Germany / America), Findings: Rocket Technology Developers
  • Werner von Siemens (Germany), Findings: Siemens Electricity and Telecommunications Company
  • Wilbur and 0rville Wright (United States), Findings: Airplanes
  • Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (Germany), Finding: X-rays.
  • Williarn Sturgeon (UK), Finding: Electromagnets, 1823
  • Willis Haviland Carrier (United States), Findings: Modern Air Conditioners
  • BJ Habibie (Indonesia), Findings: Crack Propagation Theory
  • Dr Khoirul Anwar (Indonesia), Findings: Inventor Two FFT Concept Used in 4G LTE
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