Interesting Facts about Buckingham Palace, Residence Queen of England to Tourist Visits


Behind the luxury building, this palace has many interesting facts. Apart from being a place for state events, a place to welcome state guests, this place is also a tourist visit. - Buckingham Palace, located in Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom, is the official residence Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations in London.

Behind the luxury building, this palace has many interesting facts. Apart from being a place for state events, a place to welcome state guests, this place is also a location for tourist visits.

Not only that, in times of joy, crisis or mourning, it is often the place of gathering for the people of Great Britain.

Previously, the building was known as the Buckingham House. The building that is used today and becomes a visiting place for foreign tourists, was actually a town hall built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703.

The Buckingham Home was privately owned by the Duke of Buckingham for 150 years. Before finally being bought by the royal family, namely King George III in 1761.

King George III made Buckingham House the resting place for the Queen, namely Queen Charlotte, so that this palace got the nickname 'Queen's House'.

This building has been under development since it was built, primarily by architects John Nash and Edward Blore, resulting in three additional wing buildings from the central courtyard.

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence British royal family since Queen Victoria's appointment in 1837.

The last additions to the building were made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the façade of today's Buckingham Palace.

The interior design building is dominated by ornate dating from the early 19th century which is still widely displayed today, including the use of bright colors known as the scagliola technique and blue and pink layers, as suggested by Sir Charles Long.

King Edward VII made some decorating changes and added Belle epoque cream and golden colors.

Many reception rooms are small in size furnished with Chinese furniture brought from the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and from the Carlton House after the death of King George IV.

Buckingham Palace Garden, London's largest privately owned garden, designed by landscaper Capability Brown, but redesigned by William Townsend Aiton of Kew Gardens and John Nash.

The artificial lake was completed in 1828 and is filled with water from Serpentine, a lake located in Hyde Park.

In the building there is also a room that is used as the office of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family for official state events and banquets.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, this building was one most popular buildings and was visited by no less than tens of thousands of tourists per year to attend official dinners, lunches, receptions and parties British royal family. (as/ip)

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