How to Sign Up for Google My Business to Engage with Customers on Google for Free


This free Your Business Profile allows you to easily reach customers on Google Search and Google Maps. - Google continues to strive to make it easy for users to do business, one of which is the Google My Business Account (Google My Business). With a Google My Business Account, you don't just get business listings.

Launching Google, this free Your Business Profile allows you to easily reach customers on Google Search and Google Maps.

Get customers with a great Business Profile
With a Business Profile on Google My Business, you can post photos and offers to your profile to showcase what's unique to your business, and give customers a reason to choose you every time.

Give customers more ways to contact you
With Google My Business, your customers are ready to interact - via phone calls, text messages or review writing. Now, with more ways to transact, you can do more business.

By signing up for Google My Business, Google will help you build a compelling website to attract and engage new customers - and build your business on the internet.

Again, Google My Business is more than just a local listing, this free business profile lets you manage how your business looks on Google Search and Google Maps. Thus your business / business or services can easily be found on the internet.

Are you interested in interacting with customers on Google for free? Here's how to register for Google My Business, which is quoted from Google Support:

1. Go to the Google My Business Site
Using a browser on your laptop or PC go to the official Google My Business website at In the top right corner click Login and sign in using your Google account. After logging in, enter a business name.

2. Enter Business Address
After that enter the complete address of the business. Potential Google My Business users will also be asked to place business location markers on Google Maps to make it easier for consumers to visit business locations for business people.

If the business does not have a physical location, but operates in a service area, you can list a service area instead. When finished, click next.

3. Enter the Business Category
Determine the category that best fits the chosen business. For example managing a restaurant in Lampung, then select the category 'Restaurant'.

This category is to make it easier for Google to group businesses by category. So, if someone searches for 'Restaurants in Lampung' on Google, information about that business will appear in the search results.

4. Enter Contact Details
Enter the contact details that you want to show customers. This contact data can be a telephone number or cellphone that can be contacted.

Businesses will also be asked to enter the URL of the registered business site. If you don't have one, you can click the 'I don't need a site' option. But, if you want to create a free site, Google will provide the services.

5. Select Verification Options
Verification is important to prevent irresponsible parties from misusing information related to your business. In addition, businesses that have been verified are also considered businesses with a good reputation than those that are not.

After filling in all information completely and correctly, select the option to verify immediately by filling in the name of the recipient of the letter. After that click Send Postcard.

Wait for the letter from Google to arrive at the address you entered. Please note that during the verification process you cannot edit the information that was previously written.

If there is wrong information, you can edit it before verifying. You do this from your Google My Business account, open the Menu and click Manage Locations.

Then click Info which is on the left side of the screen. Click edit where you want to change and enter the appropriate information.

6. Verification of Google My Business
After receiving a letter from Google, you can continue the verification process using the verification code included in the letter. The trick is to open a Google My Business account and select the Verify Location menu.

Enter the verification code in the letter sent by Google. The verification process has also been completed.

7. Edit Google My Business
After the verification process is complete, the business owner of the account can edit and enter additional information about their business through their Google My Business account.

In addition, a number of information can be added, including business descriptions, photos, operating hours, facilities and menus. How, easy enough to register? Keep trying and good luck! (as/ip)

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