Six Best Digital Wallets in Indonesia


This digital wallet application service was created to make it easy for users to make various payments. By using e-wallets, users can make various buying and selling transactions electronically quickly and safely. - Known as electronic wallets (digital) or e-wallets, digital wallets are virtual wallets that allow users to make electronic transactions quickly and securely according to the nominal money or balance filled in there.

This digital wallet application service was created to make it easy for users to make various payments. By using e-wallets, users can make various buying and selling transactions electronically quickly and safely.

The function of a digital wallet is actually almost the same as a pocket wallet. However, this electronic wallet can only be used for non-cash transactions. Transactions that can be done with e-wallets have recently been growing and have become a trend for the community.

Its practical use coupled with various promos have made many people slowly switch to digital wallets. From several e-wallets, summarizes the six best digital wallets in Indonesia.

1. GoPay

Active Gojek users are no stranger to GoPay. GoPay is a payment service based on the default application of the Gojek application. Gopay is one of the most popular digital wallets and has a fairly large user base.

Not only used for Gojek service transactions, GoPay can also be used for non-cash transactions at various merchants. With GoPay, you can also make payments for credit and data, pay bills such as BPJS, PLN, WiFi, credit installments, Indihome, PDAM, pay TV, online store payments and even offline stores, and many more.

GoPay also often provides various attractive promos and discounts for its users. In addition, GoPay has obtained an electronic money license or e-money from Bank Indonesia.

2. OVO

OVO is the next best digital wallet application or e-Wallet in Indonesia which is a very fun mobile application payment system for making various online payment transactions through your hand.

In addition to ensuring that financial transactions are as simple as cashless, as instant and as safe as possible, every time you pay with OVO, you will get a lot of benefits.

With thousands of OVO merchants across Indonesia in various categories ranging from F&B, Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Transportation, Travel, and more, plus exclusive partnerships with many major brands, OVO continues to expand their merchant and top up points.

3. iSaku

This application offers convenience and security in transactions with token facilities and OTP codes via smartphones. iSaku can be used to make various transactions, including cash deposits, shopping, and withdrawals on a token basis.

All of these transactions can be made through around 14 thousand Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia. Various types of promos and loyalty programs for Indomaret customers are now starting to be integrated into the application. In addition, iSaku users also don't need to worry about balance security, because this application has received electronic money permission from Bank Indonesia.

4. LinkAja

LinkAja began operating February 21, 2019 to replace Telkomsel's TCash application. LinkAja itself was founded by Telkomsel and members of other State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), namely Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN), Pertamina, Jiwasraya Insurance and Danareksa.

Through LinkAja, users can make various kinds of non-cash transactions such as transferring money to fellow LinkAja users, buying pulses or internet data packages for all operators, paying electricity bills or PLN tokens, paying transportation costs such as plane and train tickets. Although this digital wallet is relatively new, LinkAja is able to offer quite a complete range of services.

5. Funds

This application can be used to pay bills and shop at various merchants, even connected to ATM Bersama and BPJS Kesehatan. What is interesting about the Fund is that the application is connected to the population and civil registration, so that it can facilitate population administration affairs.

This application has also offered several attractive promos, such as giving 50% vouchers for payment of electricity, water bills and various installments. Not only that, Dana also offers discounts of up to 50% for users who shop at Ramayana and Robinson throughout Indonesia.

6. Sakuku

The next best digital wallet in Indonesia is Sakuku. Sakuku has features for shopping payments, topping up credit or data packages, buying game vouchers, and other banking transactions. This application is issued by one of the largest banks in Indonesia, Bank Central Asia (BCA).

Only by activating the Quick Response (QR) feature, you can immediately pay for groceries at Sakuku merchant outlets. By scanning this QR code, you can also make transfers to other Sakuku users for free without any administration fees.

There are many banking transactions that you can do with Sakuku, such as top up at BCA ATMs, KlikBCA Individual, and BCA mobile, sending money to BCA accounts, withdrawing cash at BCA ATMs, and others. (as/ip)

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