Five Famous and Interesting Attractions in Ubud Bali

Ubud Art Market
In addition to local or domestic artists, in Ubud you will also find artists from Europe. Painting, dance, carving to woven are interesting things in Ubud and has become the true identity place. - One tourist destination that is different from a number of other tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia, is the tourist area of ​​Ubud, Bali. In addition to its natural charm, the area is famous for its fascinating art, history and culture and one favorite tourist destinations for artists.

In addition to local or domestic artists, in Ubud you will also find artists from Europe. Painting, dance, carving to woven are interesting things in Ubud and has become the true identity place. Here, you can explore various unique and interesting sides traditions and culture Balinese people.

If you walk around Ubud, there are many art galleries and local craft centers. Feelings of peace, friendship, natural beauty combined with many types of arts you will find in Ubud.

For those of you who love art, stopping from one gallery to another to enjoy a variety of works from local artists is a common thing to do. Or, you can also visit art performances to enjoy traditional Balinese dances.

Following summarizes some interesting and famous tourist attractions in Ubud to visit.

1. Ubud Art Market

Actually Ubud Art Market is an ordinary traditional market that is commonly found in various places in Indonesia. However, when the time has begun to enter midday, in this market you will find many arts and crafts.

In Ubud Art Market, in addition to the traders who open their stalls on the market road there are also two-story buildings, located in the center of Ubud, right in front of Great Castle Ubud or a former government office building in the days of the former Kingdom of Ubud.

At this Ubud Market, you can find a variety of stalls selling traditional Balinese art goods, ranging from fabrics, clothes, handicrafts, such as accessories, bags, hats, wall displays, souvenirs, paintings and many more. This market is one places to buy souvenirs typical of Bali.

There is an interesting thing, in this market, you can buy a variety of Balinese souvenirs and local crafts at prices that can be cheaper than other places on the island of Bali. However, you must have the ability to bargain the price.

2. Wanara Wana Park

Taken from Sanskrit, which is Wanara which means monkey and Wana means forest. The foreign tourists know him better as "Monkey Forest".

This small forest is home to hundreds of species of monkeys in Ubud, which have existed for hundreds of years. The monkeys in this place are generally docile and you can also feed them.

The wisdom of the local people calls this forest a sacred forest. In this forest area there are also three ancient temples that you can visit, namely 'Pura Dalem Padangtegal', Temple of Holy Scouting and 'Nista Mandala'.

This forest is also a Village Tomb, which is a place where you at the right time can witness the Ngaben ceremony that characterizes the island of Bali. You can find a complete procession of ceremonies at the temple or a cremation ceremony (Ngaben) in the tourist area of ​​Ubud Bali on this one.

3. Great Castle Ubud

Located right in the middle of Ubud, this place was the center of government Kingdom of Ubud in the past. This castle is also a center of cultural and traditional arts activities which are usually held in front castle. The spatial planning and building of this castle is still the same as its origin.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy Balinese dance performances in the front yard of Great Castle Ubud, precisely in an area called 'Ancak Saji' which is usually held once a week. Not only that, you can watch various music art groups in Ubud who are practicing in this castle area.

4. Paint Castle Museum

The tourist area of ​​Ubud, Bali is also famous as one of the centers of painting in Indonesia. Therefore, visiting Paint Castle Museum in Ubud is an interesting thing to do. In Paint Castle Museum, you can watch a variety of paintings by local artists who are able to invite admiration.

The museum, which was established in the mid 1950s, holds many of the best collections of paintings from various art schools on the Island of the Gods. In this museum you can also find out the flow of art in Bali which was originally transformed from traditional patterns to modern patterns pioneered by Ubud artists.

5. Enjoying Bali Coffee Tourism in Ubud

This place is quite popular with tourists. Wrapped with the concept of agrotourism, in this place you can not only relax while enjoying coffee in the gazebo-gazebo that has been available, but also can see the coffee processing from the start.

Here, you can walk around the coffee garden to see various types of coffee plants. You can also see mongoose animals with the result of civet coffee in this agrotourism area. Besides drinking on the spot, you can also buy various variants of coffee that are sold there to take home as souvenirs. (as/ip)
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