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Indonesia Tourist Attractions Favorite Foreign Tourists

Regional tourist attractions in Indonesia that are quite a number of foreign tourist arrivals, including Raja Ampat Papua, Bali, Yogyakarta, Kalimantan and Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi.

IPHEDIA.com - With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is certainly a paradise for travelers. Not only local tourists, the wealth of tourist attractions in the Equatorial Jamrud is also their destination.

Do you want to know which areas are included in the list of Indonesian tourist attractions that are favorites of foreign tourists?

IPHEDIA.com notes that there are at least five regional tourist destinations with quite a large number of visits, namely Raja Ampat Papua, Bali, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Yogyakarta.

In Raja Ampat, West Papua, tourists are spoiled by the view of a small group of coral islands and the beautiful natural panorama of the islands and the coast.

While Bali, Indonesia's tourist attractions frequented by foreign tourists, present a complete tour. The beauty and culture of the Island of the Gods has been famous to all corners of the world.

For tourists who love the beauty of nature, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi Province, a destination that can provide a pleasant marine experience.

Whereas Kalimantan, the largest island in Indonesia, has a beautiful natural panorama, from lakes, beaches to orangutan conservation in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan.

While Yogyakarta, foreign tourists not only visit historic sites, such as temples and museums, the culture of the people to culinary tourism, but this area also presents a variety of beauty, such as beaches in the south, Gunung Kidul and also the enchanting highlands.

Intrigued by the five attractions in Indonesia which are favorite destinations of foreign tourists? Take time to vacation there! (*)
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