Write as Interesting as Possible, Complete, Dimensionless and Balanced

Effective writing is able to put the right perspective information. So the reader knows where the story begins, where it goes, how far it impacts and how typical.

IPHEDIA.com - Good writing has an impact on the reader. Writing can remind readers, as in something that threatens their lives, health, prosperity and awareness of values. Writing also provides information that is wanted and important to know the reader and put the information in a perspective perspective, which tells what has happened, is and will happen.

Effective writing is able to put the right perspective information. So the reader knows where the story begins, where it goes, how far it impacts and how typical. A writer who is not very good at presenting the context in a large capsule all at once, his writing will be difficult to digest. Meanwhile, writers who are able to wave context into all of their writings will be easier for readers to understand.

People usually prefer to read writings about other people and their environment. It could be that the writing is in the form of fiction or non-fiction, whether it is in the form of stories related to reality or fantasy about a person, group, class and environment.

Journalism, presents ideas and events, social trends, scientific discoveries, legal opinions, economic development, national and international crises, humanitarian tragedies and so on, by introducing readers to those who create ideas and move events. Or, it can also bring people who are affected by the idea of ​​the incident.

Writing will be effective if you can distance yourself, position yourself and let readers understand and even meet, get acquainted and hear their own ideas, feelings and information from people in it. Meanwhile, active writing has a form that contains and tells a story. Posts like this generally take the form of narratives.

A narrative will succeed if there is a connection, has all the information needed by the reader and if your writing is expressed in a chronological pattern of action-reaction. You have to be creative in composing a form of writing that allows the reader to have a complete and satisfying impression and the feeling of everything in the writing flows toward the inevitable conclusion.

If you are not communicative, unable to give spirit in writing, you will fail to present supporting facts, fail to emphasize everything important, fail to convince information written and fail to combat reader boredom, there will be no specific information that attracts attention and is needed reader.

In addition, if you fail to organize writing properly, are less than perfect in arranging words, including sentences or the whole story, unable to express imagination, then you have also failed in practicing grammar properly; incorrect punctuation and spelling.

Fail to write in a balanced manner, a fact that is usually the result of mistrust of the reader. It means that you are not yet complete in expressing ideas or unwillingness to leave the facts, flowing the story yourself without the blessing of the perception of the direction of the story that is good and right. As a result, the writing is just next to the party. Still not balanced as the wishes of the reader.

You must not forget, even in the age of mass communication as it is now reading is still personal. The context, in fact you as a writer in writing tells the reader. Posts will be easy to remember if they are able to create illusions if a writer is speaking to his readers.

A good writer is not only able to describe the content and deliver consistent colors throughout his writings, but vary the volume and rhythm to emphasize the meaning. In summary, weighty writing contains interesting and soulful information. Interesting because it is important, focused and dimensioned. While spirited, due to face and form.

Not only writing like articles or opinions, writers of history, culture, tourism, profiles, biographies, even fiction, like novels and so on, are required not to forget the formula 5W + 1H in creating. By using this formula, you will answer and explain everything the reader hopes about the writing that you make.

Therefore, to give a deep impression to the reader, you need the completeness and accuracy of the information you present. So that the work produced truly describes the details and is right on target. The magic formula of 5W + 1H can be a guide as well as a guide for you in reaching the peak of writing perfection. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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