Making Writing Products, Master These Four Capability Categories

In your writing try short sentences. The average length of a sentence in an essay is an important benchmark. Sentences must be alternating between long and short. - Writing skills can be classified based on two different points of view. That point of view includes activities or activities in implementing writing skills and the results of the writing product itself.

Classification of writing skills based on both viewpoints results in the division of writing products which are divided into four categories, namely narrative essay, exposition, description and argumentation. In writing, you must be able to meet that classification.

One form of essay that seeks to explain, describe or analyze a point of thought that can expand one's knowledge and outlook is called exposure (exposition). The author tries to describe the event or something problem in analysis, detail and provide interpretation of the facts raised. In the exposition paper, more accurate and complete information is preferred.

Exposition, writing that is more often used to convey scientific descriptions, such as papers, theses, theses, dissertations or articles in newspapers, magazines and so on. The exposition paper emphasizes exposure and tries to explain or explain. To write an exposition essay, the writer must have adequate knowledge about the object to be worked on.

Exposition writers must be able to expand knowledge in various ways, such as reading references relating to the problem being examined from the results of research, such as conducting interviews, recording conversations with people, distributing questionnaires, observing objects and so on.

To produce good exposition writing, the main thoughts and explanatory thoughts must be organized in the form of an outline which is generally divided into three parts, namely the opening (introduction), development (content) and closing which is an affirmation of ideas. If the composition is complex, it must be described in the form of more detailed sub-sections. In such essays it can be arranged in the form of chapters and broken down into sub-chapters.

While the explanation or description with the words of an object, place, atmosphere or state is called a composition essay. A writer of description, expects the reader through his writing to see what is seen, can hear what is heard, feel what he feels and come to the same conclusion with him. From this it follows that the description is the result of observation through the five senses conveyed in words.

Meanwhile, the style of writing that aims to tell a series of events or human experiences based on developments over time is called narration. The narrative paragraph is intended to inform the reader or listener about what the author already knows or experiences. The narrative emphasizes the time dimension and conflict.

For the style of writing that aims to prove the opinion of the author, convincing or influencing the reader to accept his opinion is called an argumentation. The argument is intended to try to convince the reader. How to convince the reader can be done by presenting data, evidence or the results of reasoning.

In addition, essays that contain powerless exposures, or powerless exposures that can arouse the reader's reluctance to believe and obey implicit or explicit appeals made by the author are called persuasion. In other words, persuasion deals with problems affecting others through language.

Clarity, first and foremost principle for almost all writings, especially the variety of factual essays. Blurred, intricate and dark essays will bore readers. Essays are clearly more easily understood by readers. Everyone likes essays that can be understood without difficulty. Essays are clear, not convoluted and not excessive, it would be nice to read.

Therefore, in your writing try short sentences. The average length of a sentence in an essay is an important benchmark. Sentences must be alternating between long and short. You must balance the use of long sentences with short sentences so as to increase the clarity of the writing. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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