Avoid Unnecessary Sentences and Write Words That Are Easily Understood By The Public

Unnecessary words and sentences in fact only tire the reader and distract. Act in verbs.

IPHEDIA.com - Writing should use words and sentences that are well known and easily understood by the general public. Because understanding will be easier. So that the ideas you express can be quickly and clearly captured by the reader. For that, you must avoid unnecessary words. Each word must have a role in the sentence and essay.

Unnecessary words and sentences in fact only tire the reader and distract. Act in verbs. Active verbs, containing actions that show motion, can make your writing come alive and powerful to convey the information in question.

More than that, write like a conversation. Written words, you make as if a substitute for spoken words. Expressing ideas as well as conversing makes your writing clearer. In addition, use terms whose application the reader can describe. Thus, even though in the writing there are terms that although not previously known, but by describing them the reader will be able to understand them.

More concrete words will be clearer to the reader to interpret them than words that are still abstract. If necessary, you associate with the reader experience. Essay is clear, if it can be read and understood in accordance with the background experience. That way the reader will be more interested.

Make the most of your writing diversity. Your writing must have variations in words, phrases, sentences and other expressions. Diversity in source essay from reading pleasure. Make it up to express, not to impress. This is because the intention to compose expresses ideas, not to impress the reader about the intelligence, skill or greatness of the author.

To achieve perfect writing, there are five components of good writing and you must pay attention, namely the use of language or the ability to write the right sentence, mechanical ability or using punctuation, maintaining the contents of sentences or the ability to think creatively.

Then, developing ideas and removing irrelevant information, writing style or manipulating sentences and paragraphs, using language effectively, making decisions or writing with the right style for specific goals and readers and the ability to choose, organize and arrange relevant information as writing material .

Theoretically, the writing process includes three main stages, namely pre-writing, writing and revision. That does not mean writing is done separately. In the pre-writing stage, you make various preparations that will be used in writing. In other words before writing, you must plan your essay.

As is the case in starting writing, the activities you first do if you make an essay first determine the topic. This is to determine what you will discuss in the writing. After selecting a topic, then limit the topic. The process of limiting topics can be simplified by making a tree or clock diagram. The parent idea that becomes the seed or base of the beginning of something you will write should also be developed.

For the selection of topics widely available and abundant around you, for example social problems in society, law, agriculture, tourism, the environment to technical issues. The choice of topics to be raised in writing should be something that draws attention to the subject matter that is really known, rather than the subject matter that is not known at all by the reader and is not interesting to write.

The things that should be considered carefully in writing, including the topics presented must be around you, according to your knowledge and experience. Avoid choosing topics that are far from you. Because, usually this will be more difficult for you when working on an article. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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