Designing and Building Posts By Keeping On Writing Purpose

Outpourings of words that you express through writing must be able to attract interest in reading. The more mature you make the writing framework, the more perfect the contents of the writing produced. - There is a likeness, writing activities such as architecture that will make a building. First he prepared the work tools needed. Next, open his mind to make ideas in the form of designs in the form of images on paper. This building design is the foundation he works in as architecture. Likewise, you write.

Designing and creating a written outline or outline is a habit that you need to continuously develop in order to produce a good and true written work and touch the reader. Because, the outpouring of words that you express through writing must be able to attract interest in reading. The more mature you make the writing framework, the more perfect the contents of the writing produced.

In producing an article, you must be able to exploit and express your abilities in writing. The writer, in this case, is likened to a language architect. In addition to knowing how to build a piece intact and alluring, in your work you should not ignore and get out of the corridors of the basics of writing.

The basics of writing are the foundation of your writing and understanding of paragraphs. Because basically, an article reflects how you think and how you see an issue. By understanding the meaning and characteristics of good paragraphs, you will be better able to express ideas and thoughts in a more coherent, systematic and orderly manner.

Many factors affect writing ability. However, in principle the influence can be categorized in two factors, namely external and internal. External factors, among which are still not available supporting facilities, in the form of limited means to write. Internal factors include psychological and technical factors. Classified as psychological factors, including habits or experiences possessed. The more you are accustomed to writing, the better the ability and quality of writing.

In writing the writings, there are several writers who start writing with a notebook or HVS / folio paper first. He only with pen and paper, in addition to the nature of his mind in pouring his ideas. If there are words and sentences that are wrong crossed, and so on.

Sometimes, because of constraints with infrastructure, the writings that have been made are kept for a long time. It will only be seen again when it is inspired, will be improved or typed, until finally it becomes a complete work. This shows, the unavailability of adequate supporting facilities is not a significant obstacle for someone to write.

There is a lot of experience of senior writers who began their success with only modest infrastructure, but they are not discouraged to work. They are successful as writers even though they are not supported by adequate facilities like other writers.

Another factor that is classified as psychological is the need factor. Needs, sometimes forcing someone to write. Someone will try and keep trying to write because they are driven by their needs. While technical factors, including mastery of concepts and application of writing techniques. Concepts related to limited writing theories owned by someone also influence.

The second factor is from technical factors, namely the application of concepts. The ability to apply concepts is influenced by at least the material to be written and the knowledge of how to write the material obtained. Writing skills are also related to reading skills. Someone who wants to have better writing skills, he is also required to be able to read it better.

At this time, you don't need to think about the factors that actually inhibit creativity. Make your determination to step. The proverb says, many roads lead to Rome. That means, even though there are factors that don't yet support it, just consider it a challenge. The challenge for you is to act and prove that you are also able to write. Focus on your goals. (Akhmad Sadad/IP)
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