Visiting Weh Island, Zero Kilometer West End of Indonesia - Weh Island, Sabang, Aceh Province, Sumatra Island, which is the westernmost tip of Indonesia known as the 0 Kilometer Monument. 

Indeed, Sabang is not the name of an island, but a city on Weh Island. Sabang is located on Weh Island, an island known for its strategic location, and enchanting natural scenery, which is visited by many tourists.

Because it is formed volcanically and is on edge of the sea, it's no wonder that in Weh Island still found typical volcanic stones that are easily found. Meanwhile, in the western part of the island there are still green forests that are still awake.

The main purpose of tourists traveling to this island, generally those who want to swim, dive activities (scuba diving), or just enjoy the charm of nature and visit some of the beautiful beaches on this island.

To get to Weh Island, you can use a ro-ro boat (ferry) or you can also use a fast boat from Banda Aceh. By fast boat from Ule-Lhe Port, Banda Aceh heading to the Port of Balohan, Sabang, takes about 45 minutes.

As an alternative, besides ships, heading to Sabang is also available direct flights from Medan. The closest airport to get to Weh Island, namely Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport (BTJ) in Banda Aceh.

A number of attractions that you can visit on Weh Island, include Kilometer Zero Monument, Iboih Beach, Klah Island, Kasih Beach, Tapak Gajah Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach, Anoi Itam Beach, Ujung Kareung Beach, Pasir Putih Beach and Rubiah Island. (wn)

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