Tourist Destinations Manusela National Park, Maluku


IPHEDIA - Manusela National Park is a national park with a variety of charm located in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia, precisely in the Seram forest, Central Maluku Regency (Malteng).

The diversity of flora and fauna in the national park which has a mountain named Mount Binaya as high as 3027 meters, is a special attraction for tourists who love the beauty of nature and those who like adventure tourism. One of the beaches on the edge of the forest of the famous Manusela National Park is Ora Beach, located at the western end of Sawai Bay and next to Saleman and Sawai Villages.

Manusela National Park represents the type of coastal ecosystem, swamp forest, lowland rain forest and mountain rain forest in Maluku. The types of vegetation found in this national park, namely mangroves, beaches, swamp forests, river cliffs, tropical rainforest, mountain forests and sub-alpine forests.

In Manusela National Park there are around 117 species of birds, 14 of which are endemic, such as parrot parrot, purple-necked Kasturi, Maluku Cockatoo, Todiramphus lazuli, Todiramphus sanctus, Philemon subcorniculatus and Alisterus amboinensis and other species.

To go to the Manusela National Park can be reached via the North coast (Sawai and Wahai) or through the South coast (piliana and hatumete in Tehoru sub-district). Route of Hatumete is very suitable for those who like climbing, because the slope is about 30 percent. From Ambon to Masohi you can take a ferry every day for about two hours from Liang port followed by a car trip to Huaulu for about 3 hours.

In the past, the trip from Ambon to Wahai used ships around 24 hours and there were 3 times a week. Meanwhile, access from Masohi to Tehoru uses a motor boat for about nine hours, followed by Hatumete and Saunulu Village.

Now, the journey to the national park is shorter. Visitors can take a fast boat from Tulehu Harbor on Ambon Island to Amahai Harbor on Seram Island for about 90 minutes followed by a 3 hour car trip to Hatumete if you want to use the South Line or about 2 hours to Huaulu if you use the North Line to Manusela. (rs)
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