Help Small Businesses Connect With Online Shoppers, Here Are The Tools

Photo Source: YouTube - Nowadays, shopping can happen anytime and anywhere. So, it can be a challenge for businesses to stand out and connect with new customers.

An attractive and unique image not only helps to attract buyers' attention, but creating such content requires a lot of time and resources.

Related to this, Google Marketing Live, introduces Product Studio. These tools will help sellers easily.

These tools help sellers create unique product images using generative AI directly from Merchant Center Next.

Merchant Center Next, a simplified platform for businesses to manage how their products appear on Google.

Product Studio, launching the Google Blog, was designed with Google's AI Principles in mind, bringing the benefits of generative AI to businesses of all sizes.

Also, this tool helps them easily create unique and customized product images for free and get more value out of the images they already have.

In Product Studio there are several main features, among which sellers can add a special product atmosphere.

Then, merchants can remove distracting product backgrounds and quickly scale up resolutions.

Merchant Center Next also makes it easier for merchants to access and understand their performance by bringing all insight reports into the Performance tab.

Now, merchants will have one place to review their top selling products, what businesses are appearing alongside their businesses.

In fact, this tool allows sellers to see how buyers are interacting with their local businesses on Search and Maps.

For merchants with online and local physical stores, Merchant Center Next will display all products in one comprehensive view.

With a single view, it will be easier for sellers to manage online and in-store product inventory simultaneously.

Merchant Center Next will also feature new insights about the potential benefits of fixing errors in product data, making it easier to prioritize updates.

Merchant Center Next has started rolling out to new users. Google will start upgrading smaller businesses and complete a global rollout in 2024.

Do not miss this opportunity. Use these tools to help your small business connect with online shoppers. (*)

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