Keep Using Google Maps Even When Your Phone Is Offline, Here's How - When you need Google Maps the most, nowadays you can't always rely on a strong internet connection.

Google Maps, launching the Google Blog, has an offline feature to help you navigate safely even when your phone may display zero bars.

Offline maps can be a very useful tool for people who frequently travel abroad or visit remote areas with unstable cellular service. You just need a little planning.

The next time you may be faced with a potentially poor signal, try downloading a map of your future whereabouts first. The process is simple and works on Android and iOS.

How to use Google Maps offline, the first step is to open the Google Maps application. Tap your profile photo in the top right corner.

Then, tap on "Offline Map" and "Choose Your Own Map". Move the rectangle over the area you are going to visit, then click "Download."

If you live in a specific location — like a city or town — there's an even simpler way, namely, search for your destination on Google Maps. (Example: "Philadelphia.")

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the information panel, then tap "Download offline map".

Maps will still give you the option to make adjustments to the coverage area, that's all.

In either case, the map will show you an estimate of how much space the file will take up on your phone before you download.

In general, the more precise your location, the smaller the file size. If you enable "auto update" in the settings menu, your map will be refreshed every two weeks to include the latest data.

When offline, keep in mind that you won't have real-time traffic data until you have connectivity again.

Any travel time between destinations prior to that will be an approximation that is calculated as if there were no traffic jams.

This is how to use Google Maps even when your phone is offline. Hope this information is useful. (*)

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