Definition, Types, Functions and Characteristics of Landing Pages

Photo Source: Klikpages - A landing page is a page on a website that is specifically designed with a specific purpose or marketing mindset, marked with one or two call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

In another sense, a landing page is a special page created to direct customers to take certain actions, such as buying, ordering, or filling out forms.

Unlike the homepage, where the page introduces the brand or tells what the website has to offer, landing pages usually offer campaigns, in the form of product promotions, product launches and more.

Apart from being an effort to improve the visitor experience on the website, landing pages are also one of the conversion rate optimization strategies.

Types of Landing Pages

In general, launching Niagahoster, there are two types of landing pages, namely lead generation landing pages and click-through landing pages.

Lead generation landing pages function to collect data on potential customers. Primarily, data in the form of names and email addresses.

These two data will then be stored and used by the business to maintain relationships with potential customers.

It is through this email address that business owners usually send various promo and discount info, news, blog articles, and other content (ebooks, checklists, and other downloadable materials).

This kind of practice is common in the B2B marketing model. The same thing is often used in businesses with high-cost products or services.

Meanwhile, click-through landing pages are usually used in e-commerce or B2C marketing models. The displayed page usually only makes one simple button.

These buttons often contain words such as "Choose Now", "Buy Now", "Shop Now" and so on.

Landing Pages Function

Based on its type, there are two main functions of landing pages. First, landing pages can be used to collect data on potential visitors or leads.

These leads are maintained by the business. Then, these potential customers are expected to make future purchases.

Second, landing pages can also function to speed up transactions. This page is minimal distraction from menus and other navigation buttons.

In other words, landing pages provide a special way for visitors to access the product or service they want to buy.

Characteristics of Landing Pages

Characteristics of landing pages, including pages that have a special function on the website and encourage users to focus on one product and make transactions on the website.

Landing pages also invite users to take certain actions. For example, buying a product, filling out a form, or studying the information provided.

For the sake of understanding, types, functions and characteristics of landing pages. I hope this information is helpful. (*)

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