What Is Google Lens? This Is What It Means and How It Works

Google Lens has vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you see.

IPHEDIA.com - Google with its sophistication provides a variety of products and innovations for its users, one of which is Google Lens.

To be able to use Google Lens, there are several things that need to be met, namely using the latest version of the Google Photo application and setting the language on the device to English.

Launching Google Lens, here's what it means, how it works and many other things in Google Lens.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a vision-based suite of computing capabilities that can understand what you're looking at.

You can use the information to copy or translate text, identify plants and animals.

Then, explore places or menus, find products, find visually similar images, and take other helpful actions.

Browse What You See

Google Lens lets you search for what you see. Using photos, your camera, or almost any image.

Lens helps you find visually similar images and related content to gather results from all the information on the internet.

How Google Lens Works

Lens compares the objects in your image to other images, and ranks those images.

Comparison of image objects based on their resemblance and relevance to objects in the original image.

Lens also uses its ability to perceive objects in your images to find other relevant results from the web.

Lens can also use other useful signals, such as words, language, and other metadata on image-hosting sites, to determine ranking and relevance.

When analyzing images, Lens often produces several possible results and ranks the possible relevance of each result.

Also, in analyzing the Lens image it is sometimes possible to minimize this possibility by displaying a single result.

For example, Lens looks at a cat he identifies with a 95% probability of Persian and 5% Country Cat.

In this case, Lens may only display results for Persian Cats, which Lens finds most visually similar.

In other cases, if Lens believes it understands which object in the image you're interested in, Lens will display search results related to that object.

For example, if an image contains a specific product - such as jeans or sneakers.

Lens can display results that provide more information about the product, or Shopping results for that product.

Lens can also rely on available signals, such as user values ​​for a product, to provide these results.

In another example, if Lens recognizes a barcode or text in an image (for example, a product name or a book title), Lens can display a Google Search results page for that object.

Relevant and Useful Results

Lens always tries to show the most relevant and useful results. The Lens algorithm is not affected by advertising or other commercial settings.

When Lens displays results from other Google products, including Google Search or Shopping, the results depend on that product's ranking algorithm.

To make sure Lens results are relevant, useful, and safe, Lens identifies and filters explicit results.

These results are identified using Google-wide standards such as the Google SafeSearch guidelines.

Lens & Location

If you agree to allow Lens to use your location, Lens uses that information to display more accurate results.

For example, when identifying famous places and buildings. So if you're in Paris, Lens will know you're more likely looking at the Eiffel Tower than a similar-looking building anywhere else in the world.

How to Use Google Lens

Currently, using Google Lens can be done with a computer or PC, laptop, cellphone or tablet.

Using Google Lens on PC and Laptop

Before you start, Google says to set Google as your default search engine and update to the latest Chrome version.

After that, open the page in Chrome. Right click on an image. In the menu, select Search images with Google Lens.

The search results are displayed on the right side of your screen. You can click the expand button in the corner to open the results in a new tab.

If you right-click anywhere outside the image, from the menu, you can select 'Search Image with Google Lens'. After clicking this option, you can drag to select an image.

Using Google Lens on Phones and Tablets

To do this, open the Google Photos application. If you don't have the Google Photo app, please download it from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone & iPad).

Choose a photo (can be from the results of taking pictures with the camera or from the gallery). Press the Google Lens icon.

Google Lens will scan the image and show you the results— The action will depend on the image you are using. (*)

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