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Google Certified Publishing Partner That Supports Google Ad Publishers in Indonesia


IPHEDIA.com - Google Certified Publishing Partners support publishers around the world to earn revenue from Google ads and grow their business further.

Google Certified Publishing Partners will help you with everything from increasing ad revenue to strategizing in many areas, including setup, optimization and management.

You can count on a Google Certified Publishing Partner to earn as an ad publisher and much more through your website/blog.

Of the dozens of Google Certified Publishing Partners who are also experts on Google Ad Manager, Google AdSense and or Google AdMob, not all of them support publishers in all countries.

Many of these Google Certified Publishing Partners only serve Google publishers or ad publishers from certain countries.

However, if you are in Indonesia and want to work with Google Certified Publishing Partners, Iphedia.com noted that there are at least 19 Google partners serving Google ad publishers in Indonesia.

If you are interested, please select and register with a Google Certified Publishing Partner that matches your wishes and suits your website/blog.

The Google Certified Publishing Partners who support ad publishers (publishers) in Indonesia, including Ezoic, video intelligence (video intelligence AG) and AdPushup.

Then, Yieldbird, optAd360, WayToGrow, Publift, WOSO, Total Media, OKO, Playwire, Mediavine, Marfeel and JW Player.

Next, Geniee (Geniee, Inc), Freestar, Fluct, AnyMint (AnyMind Group) and Affinity (Affinity Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd).

This is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that supports publishers or Google ad publishers in Indonesia. May be useful. (*)

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