Most Cheap and Attractive Tourist Cities in Asia


If you have plans to travel to Asia, there are several cities that deserve to be your first choice for a visit. Besides being cheap, you can visit various tourist attractions, from natural, historical, cultural to culinary tours. - If you want to travel there are many interesting tourist objects with cheap accommodation in Asia. However, it is suggested that the best time to visit Asia for tourists outside this continent is between January to March and June to September for reasons favorable climate to enjoy traveling to the fullest.

Unlike travelers who do live in Asia, the climate problem is certainly not a problem. Instead of having a vacation to the Continent of Europe or America, a vacation to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia or to further Asian regions, such as South Korea, Japan or Taiwan, would be a relatively more affordable option.

Before traveling to more distant parts of the world, it now seems that more and more people are more interested in exploring the Asian region first. In Asian countries, there are many interesting tourist destinations to explore, and again at prices that are not too big of a wallet.

The backpacking site, Price of Travel, has created an annual list cheapest cities in Asia. This site researched 31 cities in Asia based on the Backpacker Index compiled from the average cost of a vacation per day in each city which includes accommodation costs, twice public transportation, one tourist attraction, three meals, to entertainment costs, such as local beer prices, coffee, or entertainment tickets.

Some of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An in Vietnam, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Pokhara Nepal, Vientiane Laos, Chiang Mai Thailand and Manila Philippines.

If you have a plan to travel to Asia, these cities deserve to be the first choice for you to visit. Apart from being cheap, you can visit a variety of tourist attractions, from natural, historical, cultural to culinary tours that you can visit in these cities. Happy traveling! (as/ip)

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