Your WhatsApp Was Hijacked By Someone? Don't Panic, Do This Step

As a precautionary step if you don't want to be cheated, apart from ignoring the cheater's efforts via SMS, if it does happen, take preventive steps. - Everyone would not want their WhatsApp account to be hijacked by someone. Of course, this mode can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere, so we need to be careful.

An internet security expert from Vaksincom, Alfons Tanujaya, provides tips so that we can avoid fraud through the wrong mode of sending or accidentally sending SMS with the aim of hijacking our WhatsApp account.

According to him, the hijacking of the WhatsApp account can be taken over by the fraudster if he gets 6 digits of verification sent to our number.

To get the 6-digit verification, the scammer usually creates fake SMS containing game vouchers that are wrongly sent or intentionally sent and it can also be vouchers for watching movies, premium streaming or the like.

In addition, another trick is to hack WA accounts via WhatsApp verification SMS that has been triggered by the fraudster, which is usually in a foreign language and leads to a certain link or URL.

Well, as a precautionary step if you don't want to be cheated, apart from ignoring the cheater's efforts via SMS, if indeed there have been preventive steps, including activating 2 verification and curative steps.

The first step, activate 2 steps of verification. Enter the previous 6 numbers in WhatsApp, even though the number was taken by the fraudster, he will not be able to open your WhatsApp because he does not know the PIN.

The next step, immediately notify the contact numbers or those you know if your account was hacked so that they avoid suspected fraud on your behalf.

Then, immediately reinstall your WhatsApp and enter your hijacked phone number. WhatsApp will send an SMS verification and all you have to do is enter the SMS verification number, the cheater's account will log out and your WhatsApp account will return to your grasp. (*)
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