Yosemite National Park, Enchanting Mountains and Valleys in California

Yosemite National Park covers an area of ​​748,436 hectares, stretching north and east to Mono and south to Madera District. Yosemite was designated a World Heritage site in 1984.

IPHEDIA.com - Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California, United States (US). This national park is famous for its ancient giant sequoia tree, Tunnel View, iconic views towering Bridalveil Falls and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome.

First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park is famous for its waterfalls, but within a distance of 1,200 square miles you can find deep valleys, vast grasslands, ancient giant sequoia, glaciers, various wildlife species and biodiversity . Almost all of these parks are designated as wilderness.

This National Park covers an area of ​​748,436 hectares, stretching north and east to Mono and south to Madera Regency. Yosemite was designated a World Heritage site in 1984.

Before Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, each year an average of around four million people visited Yosemite. The park set a record for visits in 2016, surpassing five million visitors for the first time in its history.

For staying, eating or shopping, around the national park, namely in Yosemite Village there are shops, restaurants, lodging, Yosemite Museum, and Ansel Adams Gallery, with black-and-white landscape prints of famous photographers in the area.

Yosemite Valley is open throughout the year and various activities are available through the National Park Service, Yosemite Conservancy, and Aramark in Yosemite, including nature walks, photography and art classes, star observation programs, tours, bicycle rental, rafting, horse riding to climbing classes cliffs.

Many tourists enjoy short walks and further climbs to waterfalls in Yosemite Valley, or take a walk among the giant sequoia at Mariposa, Tuolumne, or Merced Groves.

There are also visitors who prefer to drive or take a tour bus to Glacier Point, especially in summer and autumn to see the Yosemite Valley and the highlands, or drive along the beautiful Tioga Road to Tuolumne Meadows (May-October) and walk- walking or hiking.

Most park visitors stay only for the day, and only visit locations in the Yosemite Valley that are easily accessible by car. In addition to exploring natural features, visitors can also learn about the natural history and culture of Yosemite Valley in a number of facilities in the national park. (as/ip)
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