Natural History Museum, The World's Largest Natural History Tourism Destination

Not only keeps a large collection of natural history, Natural History Museum (NHM) is also one world-famous research centers specializing in taxonomy, identification, and conservation. - Natural History Museum (NHM), one famous historical tourist destinations in London, England, and largest natural history museum in the world. If you travel to England, don't forget to take time to visit this museum.

At NHM there are many collections on display. There are about 70 million specimens from 5 main collections, namely botany (plants), entomology (insects), mineralogy (minerals), palaeontology (animal and plant fossils), and Zoology (animals).

Not only keeps a large collection, this place is also one world's famous research centers specializing in taxonomy, identification, and conservation. Anyway, it is very complete in this museum.

Natural History Museum was originally part Bristish Museum, known as British Museum (Natural History). However, because it needed more space while space in British Museum was limited, the museum was decided to separate itself in 1856.

Construction new Natural History Museum began in 1873 and was completed in 1873. Although transfer collection from old museum to new one was completed in 1883, Natural History Museum began to be opened to public from 1881.

Although building was separated from British Museum since then, legal separation into an independent museum only took place in 1963, and its name was officially changed to new Natural History Museum in 1992. (*)
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