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Red Beach, Tourist Favorite Unique Attraction in Panjin China

The uniqueness Red Beach, successfully attracted a lot of tourists' attention. This beach has become one favorite locations of travelers on vacation to the country.

IPHEDIA.com - Traveling to the coast to see white sand on seashore is certainly common. But, if shoreline is red, of course it's not something other than usual. This unique red beach is in the Liaohe River delta, about 30 kilometers southwest of Panjin City, China.

As the name implies, this beach is indeed red. In fact, it is similar to the color of blood because the beach is filled with bright red grass. The uniqueness Red Beach, successfully attracted a lot of tourists' attention. This beach has become one favorite locations travelers on vacation to the country.

The red color of the grass covers nearly 6,000 hectares of land. Contrast the view from afar. If you look closely, this blood red color is more similar to a giant carpet. This comes from grass growing on the edge of its coast, namely sea-blite grass.

To be sure, the red color covering the Red Beach cannot be seen at any time. This color can only be seen when autumn arrives. At that time, the grass which was originally green turned red.

If you want to see it directly, avoid coming in April-May. At that time, grass was not red, but green. Then, on mud that surrounds beach, sea-blite grass will change color gradually.

For those who are curious, the best time to enjoy this giant carpet of carpet comes in September. During month, grass begins to turn bright red, and eventually covers entire surface beach.

From top wooden bridge, you can see this beautiful view more satisfied. Birds that forage in thick grass make perfect sweeteners.

Here, there are around 236 species of birds that make this grass as their habitat. The most numerous birds on this beach are seagulls. Take your eyes further, there is a group of seals that are engrossed in playing on the edge high seas.

Photography lovers don't miss the chance to witness this amazing sight. Take out your camera, and capture every beautiful moment that is in that place. (as/ip)
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