How to Unlock an Android Phone That is Locked Because Forgot Password, Pattern or PIN

There are several ways you can do to overcome the problems commonly found by Android users about unlocking an Android phone that is locked.

IPHEDIA.com - Many cases of Android phones being locked out due to forgetting passwords, patterns or PINs can be caused by several things, for example, cell phones that have not been used for a long time, or are deliberately changed by others.

To overcome the problems commonly found by Android users about unlocking an Android phone that is locked, there are several ways you can do. Here are 6 ways you can do to unlock the locked Android phone.

1. Use Forgot Pattern Feature

How to unlock the first locked Android with the Forgot Pattern feature. You can use the Forgot Password / PIN / Pattern feature that you can access after a number of incorrect security verification entries when you open the lockscreen.

Here, you only need an internet-connected Android phone and a registered Gmail account. You can access the Forgot Pattern menu after making several mistakes when trying to unlock an Android cellphone.

Then, you will be asked to Sign in to the Gmail account that is registered on the Android smartphone. To sign in, don't forget the username and password used. Later you will be given the option to change your password, pattern or PIN.

After being replaced, you will be taken to the main homepage. You can use a new password, pattern or next PIN. You can also disable this security feature on the smartphone's Settings menu.

2. Use Android Device Manager

The way to unlock the locked HP pattern is that you can access the Android Device Manager through your laptop or computer. By following this step, you don't even need to delete important data on internal memory.

At the beginning, you can access the Android Device Manager website in the browser application on your computer or laptop. Don't forget to log in to your registered Gmail account.

Once signed in, you will be faced with 3 options, Ring, Lock and Erase. Select the Lock menu and you will be taken to the password change page. Change to a new password that will be used on your Android phone. Once done, your Android phone will remain locked, but with the new password you created on the Android Device Manager website earlier.

3. Create a Lockscreen Crash

For those of you who are still using a smartphone with the operating system 5.0 to 5.1.1 aka Lollipop, you can use the Bug, a security hole by making a lockscreen crash.

If a password, pattern or PIN does not work, you can access the Emergency Call menu. Then you just type * in the dialer until the characters are full and cannot be added again. Next, you just need to copy the character first.

Open camera access on the lockscreen and pull the notification Bar to open the settings. Then, you will still be asked to enter a password. However, here you just paste the character earlier to cause the lockscreen to crash and be able to access the main display of Android. If it hasn't worked, repeat these steps until it works.

4. Enter Android Safe Mode

If the problem of locking your Android smartphone comes from third-party applications, you can use the Safe Mode feature to disable it. The method can be different, but the most common are you can usually do the steps by turning off the Android phone while pressing the Power button for a few moments.

Next, the Restart and Power off options will appear. Here you just tap and hold the Power off option until the Reboot to Safe Mode option appears. Select OK to continue the process.

Android phone will restart and enter Safe Mode. Here you can uninstall the third-party lockscreen application and enter the normal mode by restarting.

5. Open Settings by Removing Patterns in ADB

Unlock Android phones that are locked because they forgot the password in this way can only be used if you have previously activated the USB Debugging menu and the computer that was previously connected to a smartphone via ADB.

The steps, prepare an Android smartphone and data cable that is ready to be connected to your computer. Don't forget to enter into the ADB installation directory. Next, you can enter the adb shell command rm /data/system/gesture.key. Then, press Enter. Reboot your Android smartphone and your lockscreen will disappear. Do a password change immediately, because this process is only temporary.

6. Factory Reset an Android Smartphone

If how to unlock the Android phone that is locked above still hasn't solved your problem, the last step that can be done is doing a factory reset to change to the initial settings and remove the lockscreen.

The steps, turn off the Android cellphone first. Next you must enter Recovery Mode by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together and holding. This method can differ depending on the brand of cellphone used.

After that you will enter Recovery Mode. Use the volume buttons to move the selection. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset then press the power button. When the process is complete, please select Reboot system now. Later, your Android phone will restart again as new with all settings returned to normal.

This is how to unlock an Android phone that is locked because you forgot your password, pattern or PIN. You can use the steps IPHEDIA.com summarized above starting from the easiest to the most difficult, depending on the brand of smartphone you are using. Good luck and good luck! (as/ip)
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