Grand Canyon, World Wonder in United States

Beautiful canyon which is now one of the tourist destinations in the United States was created by the Colorado River cutting a strait for millions of years. - Grand Canyon (Big Canyon) a steep canyon, carved by the Colorado River in northern Arizona, United States, one of the Ten Wonders of the World on Americas, and most of it is in Grand Canyon National Park; one first national parks in the country "Uncle Sam".

Beautiful canyon which is now one of the tourist destinations in United States was created by Colorado River cutting a strait for millions years, its length is approximately 446 kilometers, with a width ranging from 6 to 29 kilometers and with a depth of more than 1,600 meters.

Nearly 2,000 million years of Earth's history have been cut off by the Colorado River and its tributaries layer by layer when the Colorado Plateau begins to lift.

The Grand Canyon was first seen by Europeans in 1540, García López de Cárdenas from Spain. The first scientific expedition to the canyon was led by US Major John Wesley Powell in the late 1870s.

Powell points to open sedimentary rocks in the canyon as "leaves in a grand storybook". However, long before that time, this area was inhabited by Native Americans who built a residence on the canyon wall.

President Theodore Roosevelt at that time, one of the main supporters of the Grand Canyon region, visited him on several occasions to hunt mountain lions and enjoy this extraordinary natural landscape. (as/ip)
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