Indonesian Car Market Drops, All Brands Affected

Credits Photo: Gaikindo

JAKARTA, - In April 2020 car sales in Indonesia were recorded at only 7,871 units, falling sharply to 90.63 percent compared to April 2019 totaling 84,056 units.

In April this year all brands experienced a decline, with the public being advised to remain at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The decline in sales in April 2020 follows a downward trend since the previous months, citing data from the Association of Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), Saturday (05/16/2020).

In March 2020 there were 76,811 units, for example, being the lowest in eight consecutive months since June 2019. In February there were 79,645 units, January 80,435 units, while in December 2019 there were 91,240 units.

Previously, the lowest sales in the past one year period occurred in June 2019 at 59,600 units. That's because the Eid holiday coincides which makes the dealer activity is not optimal.

Toyota, which experienced an increase in sales in March 2020 - from 25,180 units in February 2020 to 26,346 units - also did not escape the decline in sales in April.

The elliptical logo manufacturer only released 2,093 cars in April. Whereas Daihatsu, of 18,162 cars in March, only sold 1,330 cars last month.

Mitsubishi had 1,113 units from 10,359 in March, Honda had 1,183 cars from 12,068 in the previous month, while Suzuki had 1,042 units from 5,085 cars.

A number of representatives of brand holder agents in Indonesia said the drop in sales was due to Covid-19 which made people not need a car to travel.

Another factor is the strict scheme of financing institutions (leasing) in providing vehicle loans during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was done to keep financing from bad credit risk.

"With the correction of economic factors, it continues to be coupled with several other things such as PSBB which can limit the movement of people including us, then the movement of leasing is also an important factor," said Anton Jimmy Suwandy, Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor in the video conference some time ago.

"We are concerned about the market condition which is currently experiencing a drastic decline due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We hope that Indonesia's economic condition can recover soon and the automotive market will rise and develop again," said PT ADM Marketing Director, Amelia Tjandra. (*)

Source: Antara

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